What Causes Tender Scalp

I have been reading a lot of questions as to the causes of tenderness of the scalp. Many people are wondering what is the cause of their sensitive scalp. I can very much understand the cause for concern, as this condition may possibly be a symptom of a serious medical condition.

We are all very much aware of our health, and there is no doubt that we want to take all rational, logical, and plausible measures to maintain our personal physical well-being.

Common Tender & Sensitive Scalp Symptoms

Let's start off with the majority of the complaints of tender scalp. Some people have complained of an area or spot on the scalp near the crown of their head being sore. When I state sore, what I mean to say is sore or a certain extreme of tenderness and sensitivity to the touch (not as a migraine or some other type of headache).

Others are complaining about a tender area right on the top of the head. The pain started off very lightly so perhaps this did not at first alarm them at all. However, after a few days or a week passed, the pain continued to get more intense and the tenderness continued to worsen.

Some times these symptoms can be accompanied by shooting pains on other regions of the scalp part of the head including regions very close or near to the head such as by the ears or around the ears, on the neck (mostly on the back side and on the base of the neck), and the forehead or upper areas of the face, and also not to leave out the jaw area.

Keep in mind that just because you cannot see anything visibly wrong definitely does not mean that nothing is wrong at all. My saying is that if it hurts and it is sensitive and you are feeling not normal than usual, perhaps it is worthy to take a closer examination to discover the root of the 'abnormality' or 'problem' at hand.

It is always better to be safe than sorry, right? Alright, well not that we have got that covered, let us attempt to rule out what would NOT be the symptoms...let us identify the obvious things that would not affect you in this way.

Rule Out What Does Not Cause Scalp Tenderness

One obvious condition that would not cause this is dandruff. Dandruff will not cause your scalp to be feeling as if it hurts or give you shooting pains that feel almost as if you were being poked at or stabbed at lightly. Usually, dandruff is not at all serious and it will not cause detrimental effects to your health and physical wellness.

If anything, it will cause you much embarrassment when you are out on the town or socializing with your peers. Flaky dry skin from your scalp can be harmful to your self-esteem and self-confidence, but that's about it for that condition so don't fret about that.

Another even more obvious thing to rule out is any myths or old wives tales that you've heard. If you do this or say this, this will cause this to happen...come on and get real!

Okay people, now that we have gotten some of the stuff that aren't factors out and open in the air, let's consider some possibilities that would be the cause of tenderness.

Possible Causes of Tender Scalp Symptom

Allergy | Allergic Reaction

What could likely be causing this problem is an allergic reaction to something that you have come into contact with. To discover if this is it, you could try to back track and keep tabs of the things that you use and what is around you. Let's see...ask yourself some of the following questions: Have you eaten anything that you would not usually eat and is not normally in your daily regular diet? What about detergents and household cleaners? Did you buy a different brand of fabric softener, shampoo, conditioner, gel, hair care and hair styling product, or dishwashing liquid?

If you are wondering about the dishwashing liquid and maybe even the laundry detergent part (which may at first seem pretty stupid because normal people don't dump stuff like that on their head), remember that your sheets and pillows and clothing go into the washing machine with all the chemical products and do come into contact with most of your body including your noggin.

The handsoap and other stuff you touch with your hands...well, you discovered that your head was tender by touching it with your HANDS so yes, your hands do play a role in the whole discover and elimination process we are dealing with here.

Spine, Back, Neck, Shoulder Injuries

I have recently personally experienced tenderness in the tempos and the back jawline when I woke up in the morning. In fact, this has happened to me a handful of times during the previous month.

This is very annoying and irritating so if you are experiencing something somewhat similar to this, I can and do empathize with you...it is a major pain to be feeling like this. Perhaps people around you don't understand and think you are being overly dramatic. Well, anyway we are straying off subject so getting back to the point...

If you are in the same situation that I am in, then the cause of the tenderness is due to injuries sustained to the back, neck, spine, and shoulders. If you are questioning in your mind how these injuries happened, well it was due to a car accident.

This is not a recent event, no it happened awhile ago. About two years ago to be exact. What a lot of people don't understand is these injuries may not manifest itself right away. Matter of fact, many times these types of occurrences do not really manifest itself until later on in life. Just when you think that everything is okay, then it comes to bite you in the buttocks.

Well, everything is connected to the spine. The reasoning is your head is attached to your neck, and in turn, your neck is attached to your spine.

Since everything is attached to your spine, and in the occurrence that your spine is in one way or another injured, then this can very well affect your head and cause tenderness of the scalp.

So maybe your tender scalp is not an actual scalp condition, but a back or spine condition. To be sure, you should go and check with a doctor.

If You're Worried About Your Tender & Sensitive Scalp...

So, I've just given you a few ideas of what could be causing your tender scalp issues. I'm not a doctor, so if you feel like you have got a serious condition, you should see a professional medical doctor and/or dermatologist.

I cannot stress enough the importance of consulting a professional if you are really concerned about it. Even if there isn't anything wrong, as I have stated before, you are better off safe than sorry.

Well, that's a wrap. If you are looking for other scalp answers feel free to look around the site. Some popular articles are those about Toppik scalp irritation and if Toppik causes scalp cancer. Thanks and have a great day

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