Causes of Greasy Oily Hair | Scalp

Why is my hair and scalp oily and greasy? This problem is suffered by many people, and many are embarrassed to ask questions about this scalp condition.

Well, there are solutions to this problem, so don't worry too much about it as there are lots of other more important things to worry about in life.

Greasy Oily Hair Situation

Is the following your situation or similar to it? You've just washed your hair in the morning and it feels and looks nice and fresh. You head out to conquer your daily routine, and by the end of the day your hair isn't looking and feeling so fresh anymore.

Instead of soft and luscious, your hair is oily and nappy. Perhaps this condition appeared suddenly and seemed to have developed overnight. Perhaps previously you could go a day or two without shampooing and conditioning your hair and it would still look great. If this is your situation, you may want to read on...

What Causes Greasy Oily Hair

The cause of this condition is due to excessive amounts of sebum coming from the scalp. Sebum is the oil under your skin produced by the sebaceous gland. Since the scalp consists of skin, sebum is also produced in the scalp.

Oily Scalp is the Root of all Evil

Yes, to put it in a nutshell, your hair being abnormally oily is caused by your scalp being abnormally oily. So, your scalp is where the problem lies, and to cure your hair problem, you need to care for your scalp.

How to Get Rid of an Oily Scalp

There really is no single set way to get rid of a oily scalp problem as each individual's body reacts differently to specific treatments. There are many different ways to attempt to tackle and treat oily scalp, so let's consider some of them:

Avoid hair products with oils

Shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays, mousses, and other hair styling products that have oils in them may want to be avoided as the use of these may indeed flare up the condition and worsen it. There are oil-free shampoo and conditioner products available so consider being more selective in your choice of hair care.

Moisturize your hair and scalp

Your hair and scalp need to be moisturized in order to maintain the health and beauty of it. A product does not necessarily have to have oils in it in order to provide moisturizing properties. Unlike what a lot of people think, moisture and oil do NOT go hand in hand. Try using oil-free moisturizing shampoos and conditioners.

It is important to use conditioner. Some may reason that because your hair is oily, it does not need to be moisturized by conditioner. This thinking is wrong as the scalp may attempt to compensate to not enough moisture received and produce excessive amounts of oil...rather the use of that agent will likely balance and fill the needs of your scalp.

Maintain the ph balance

As with our whole body, proper balance is essential. Using products that are too acidic or too alkaline can throw off the ph balance of your scalp and cause it to either be too oily and greasy or too dry and flaky. There are many products offered that are ph balanced.

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