Toppik the Best Hair Loss Solution?

For those with hair loss problems and considering the use of Toppik, the question is: Is Toppik the best hair loss solution?

It is up to the one using it to decide. Let's consider some factors.

Cosmetic vs. Medical Hair Loss Solution

Keep in mind that Toppik is purely a cosmetic solution. If you are looking for a cosmetic hair loss solution, than perhaps this is the product for you.

The issues that people are concerned with this product is that they are worried about a possible Toppik scalp irritation and Toppik scalp cancer.

Well, both of those conditions are myths as of now. You will NOT find an article or review anywhere on the internet claiming that Toppik causes scalp irritation or scalp cancer because it is NOT a cancer causing factor.

There are no known health dangers and issues that come from using the product. Rather, a bigger concern is the ability of Toppik to disguise hair loss and the scalp so well that perhaps one might not be able to see physical symptoms on the scalp. This subject was touched on in a previous article entitled "Is Toppik Scalp Cancer Possible?"

On the other hand, if you're looking for a medical treatment for hair loss, this product is probably not for you. It will not cure baldness or hair loss or any other medical condition. If you are seeking medical treatment or a medical diagnosis for hair loss, ALWAYS consult a doctor.

Looking at the Toppik Hair Loss Solution Realistically

Is Toppik better than any other available cosmetic hair loss solution? Based on the reviews of this product, you've got a 50/50 chance of liking it over another brand.

Is it a miracle product? No.

Is it similar to other cosmetic products within the same price range? Actually, yes.

Will Toppik harm you? If used probably, it is very unlikely.

So, based on these tell us what you think about the Toppik hair loss solution?

Good, bad, best, or whatever your thoughts are...


Anonymous said...

I for one am ignoring any undetermined health scares ... Toppik is ACE as far as I am concerned. I have alopecia areata, treating it for over one year. I have now tossed the wigs and rely on Toppik to cover the holes, and very successfully I might add. Toppik is so liberating!

LG said...

Toppik causes me severe scalp irritation. I have called the company to tell them about this but the person I called pretended that she didn't understand what I was talking about and so I just ended the conversation. I am distressed about this because Toppik does cover my thinning spots, and does so very well, but my scalp gets very red, especially around my hairline in the front and so do the parts of my forehead that get touched by any of the fibers.